Our vision: “To redefine our sport through cooperation and innovation: Keep Challenging.”

All of us face challenges in our daily lives – big and small. All of us are continually challenged by those around us – our colleagues, friends or families.

Like no other, we at Team DSM face challenges each and every day, big ones and small ones, by all members of the team. That one important race or coming back from injury… require hours and hours of blood, sweat and tears.

Be it our scientists creating intelligent performance plans or working on complicated R&D projects, our logistical nightmares of up to five programs racing at different places in the world, or running our own campus…We always Keep Challenging.

Keep Challenging is about pursuing dreams and not accepting the status quo. We need to be the world champions of team work, of pushing the boundaries of science and technology to make our gear faster, calculations more accurate, training more effective and nutrition more optimal.

It’s this vision, the plan and an incredible group of people that help us continue to build a sustainable future for our team, while performing at the top of our capabilities, on and off the bike.

Learn more about how we develop our riders and the environment that we offer our young talents at our Keep Challenging elite sports facilities and campus here.



Our WorldTour Men program, WorldTour Women program and a Development program all operate under the same umbrella. We are one collective, all using the same Keep Challenging approach, together under one name and one distinctive two-striped kit: Team DSM



Ethics is one of our key values. The team was one of the first members of the MPCC (Mouvement pour un Cyclisme Crédible), dedicated to being strictly compliant with the ethical code of the MPCC, whose rules are more rigorous than the UCI rules. “The MPCC’s member teams apply stringent internal rules and guidelines to strengthen the credibility of the team and thus also of cycling in general. In doing so we take responsibility ourselves, thus contributing to a clean sport,” says our CEO Iwan Spekenbrink, who is also MPCC’s vice president.

Check out the 2019 MPCC graphic or visit www.mpcc.fr for more information.


Since the beginning of the 2018 season our additional independent anti-doping program has been active. Read below about the additional efforts made by Dopingautoriteit and DSM as an initiator and funder, respectively.

  1. When increasing a team’s anti-doping policy, working alongside a NADO (National Anti-Doping Organisations) is the only way to guarantee independency. Dopingautoriteit is the conducting NADO organisation for the additional testing at Team DSM.
  2. The program is completely independent. The team does not have any influence or knowledge of who will be tested, when and where.
  3. The additional testing is funded by the team’s title partner DSM, with the goal of protecting riders against misuse. Anti-doping in professional cycling is largely funded by the teams with their sponsors itself.
  4. The additional program is fully compliant to the standards of the WADA (World’s Anti-Doping Agency), and of CADF (Cycling Anti-Doping Foundation).
  5. The program is based on out-of-competition blood and urine tests, on the basis of the “Whereabouts” of the riders, and the interpretation of the test results by Dopingautoriteit.
  6. The tests are shared with WADA and CADF, and the results are added to the athletes “biological passport”.
  7. Men, Women, and Development programs at Team DSM are under the same strict anti-doping regime.


“An international team with a German heart”. In 2015 the team moved to Germany after recognising what the developments in the 2000’s did to our sport in the country where cycling used to be one of the most popular sports. As a first step, we felt Germany needed a professional team at the highest ranks (UCI World Tour), to keep inspiring the future generation, motivating them for cycling. For the long term, our ambition is to develop cycling in Germany sustainably from the grassroots up to the top, to the UCI WorldTour, through the Deutsche Talent Tage, which we hold annually in cooperation with BDR (Bund Deutsche Radfahrer) and German Development Team DSM – the high-end development program where Germany’s best talents are developed and prepared for a career in the UCI WorldTour on a smooth runway. The ultimate goal and ambition in the upcoming years is to aim for Grand Tour podiums with German riders.


Nature is at the heart of Team DSM. We are very privileged to race in the most beautiful landscapes all year round. Therefore, we contribute to a greener world, by planting our own Keep Challenging Forest via Trees for All, the charity of whom we have been proud ambassadors since 2010.

Visit www.treesforall.com for more information.


We are a founding shareholder of Velon, which was created to bring the race from the teams to the fans using technology. Velon is owned by 11 WorldTour teams – over 60 per cent of the WorldTour – to drive a financial model that, in line with other international sports, ensures a sustainable future for the teams. Many new and young fans throughout the world are starting to follow professional cycling through modern novelties which are being introduced in cycling by Velon.

Visit www.velon.cc for more information.