Race report

Liane Lippert takes 3rd on punchy uphill finish in Burgos

Vuelta a Burgos Feminas

Photo Credit: Vuelta a Burgos

It was another hot and hilly day out for the peloton this afternoon as they took on stage three of Vuelta a Burgos Feminas and its punchy uphill finale. The racing reflected the hot nature as the riders sped through the countryside, well ahead of the fastest time schedule and despite several attempts, no break was able to get a gap of over 30 seconds.

Heading onto the penultimate climb with around 30 kilometres to go the team rode well as a group, helping to position Juliette Labous, Liane Lippert and Floortje Mackaij as the gradients started to bite. With the kilometres of the climb ticking by, the Team DSM trio held their position as the bunch began to thin down dramatically, but approaching the summit a stinging acceleration saw it split even more with Labous and Lippert making it over the top in a group of eight.

Despite their best efforts, the cooperation in the group wasn’t great and more riders returned, which ultimately allowed for the race winning move to go as Garcia and Muzic attacked. All eyes on the bunch were on those with fast finishers and the gap ballooned out to over 30 seconds. Mackaij came to the front to assist in the chase but those ahead held on. In the peloton, Lippert climbed brilliantly on the hill top finish and produced a punchy sprint to take third place, with teammate Labous not far behind in seventh as well. Tomorrow sees the bunch take on the summit finish at Lagunas de Neila.

“It was a fast start with a lot of attacks, where Franzi, Elise and Esmée did a good job to cover them,” explained Lippert. “The first focus point for us was a narrow part before the QOM and they did a really great job again to bring us into the narrow part. From then Floortje, Juliette and I were up there on the climb. It was an honest climb, it was just about the legs. On top Juliette and me made it into the really small front group, which was a good situation for us but there was no cooperation. It was a shame as we were both really committed and doing our turns but other teams didn’t and started attacking. A large group came back with Floortje and the winning attack from Garcia and Muzic. We hoped that SD Worx would chase because they had Kopecky in the group after the climb. We then put Floortje in the chase, and she did an amazing job there, positioning me well for the climb. I was a bit blocked in but managed to punch my way out and took third. It’s a bit of shame as we could have won the stage but it only motivates us even more for tomorrow now.”

Team DSM coach Huub Duijn added: “It was an aggressive stage and we were in a lot of attempts but nothing really got clear. In the end it came down, to the climb with 25 kilometres to go, where we had Juliette and Liane in a front group of eight. However, the cooperation wasn’t great there and a group with Floortje came back. Then there was a break with two riders in the last ten kilometres. We helped in the chase with Floortje, but in the end the two riders in front stayed away. It was bittersweet for us as Liane then came in third place in the uphill sprint. We’re looking forward to tomorrow’s mountain top finish which will decide the GC.”


Pos. Rider Team Time Points
1 GARCÍA Mavi UAE Team ADQ 2:46:23 50
2 MUZIC Évita FDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope 0:12 40
3 LIPPERT Liane Team DSM 0:15 30