Grand Prix de la Somme

dev|Sep 11

Team DSM coach Boris Zimine: “GP de la Somme is a typical end-of-season race where the weather can have a big influence on the outcome of the day, although normally the race finishes in a mass sprint. The beginning of the race is mostly flat with some parts close to the sea where echelons can happen in if the wind is strong. While in the second part of the day, there are some climbs but they are not really that long. It’s a good race for our Development program riders to build their experience. We also have recently promoted Casper joining us, and he will share his experience and help to drive the group; and he’s the finisher we will look to in the finale. It will be one of the last battles for the Development program this season so we are really looking forward to making an offensive race and trying to take the opportunities in front of us.”