Le Samyn des Dames

women|Mar 2

Team DSM coach Hans Timmermans: “Le Samyn is an unpredictable race with a lot of cobbles and false flats, where the weather plays a large part in the outcome of the day. The narrow, twisting roads and cobbles offer the perfect opportunity for a group to go clear, and if there is a lot of wind then the riders often come in one-by-one but if it is calmer then there is a chance that it could be controlled. We have options for different scenarios with Lorena as our sprinter, while Susanne, Pfeiffer, Leah and Franziska should give us multiple cards to play in the finale. We want to be aggressive and put riders in the important breakaways so that we’re able to dictate the race and depending on how the race unfolds, we’ll ride for a result from the breakaway or look to set up a sprint.”