Ronde van Overijssel

dev|May 7

Team DSM coach Bennie Lambregts: “Ronde van Overijssel is a beautiful classic at 1.2 level which in the past has always had a strong winner, with the team’s very own Nils Eekhoff winning the last time the race was held. The course is varied with many different roads that are narrow, wide, hilly, and also some poor road surfaces, which automatically leads to a thinning of the pack. We start with a strong squad that we can race with offensively, where we aim to get into the final with enough riders so that we can react to the attacks. Normally, there is a small group of about five riders or so who make it to the finish, or a bigger reduced bunch sprint of around 50 riders, and we have the power in our selection for both scenarios, where we can aim for a nice result.”