QM Sports Care

QM Sports Care is a highly appreciated brand of massage & sports care products in cycling.  All products are developed with unique and natural recipes by their laboratory that guarantees safe products. At Team DSM, there is a continued search for the best bikes, materials and products and those extra high-quality details can be found in QM products.

These products are “a part” of the riders during the races and training, day in and day out, so high quality is required. It will help riders to perform the best they can in all kind of conditions and allow faster recovery of the muscles and body afterwards.

QM “Pre Sports” products offers with 4 different anti-friction chamois creams & six warming or cooling creams and oils in a complete range of body protection products for men & women. After training or races, the athlete or masseur can make a selection of professional “Post Sports” products. Two massage oils, one superior massage lotion and a special “overnight + translocation” recuperation cream offers muscle recovery in no time.