About Sanas

  • Belgian & Family: we’re proud of our Belgian background, as Belgium is the centre of cycling throughout history. SANAS is founded in 1985, by Sofie’s dad and we’re still going strong.
  • Science-based and tested by athletes: every product has been thoroughly tested. We don’t use any ingredients that have no added value to the performance of our product.
  • Sustainability: We’re pushing our company to play a leading role in sustainability. We’ve adapted our packaging to improve its recycling. We’re evolving our products to become lactose-free, gluten-free, and vegan.

Team DSM is developing their own high-level pro cycling-specific sports nutrition range alongside their title partner DSM and sports nutrition partner Sanas, who guarantee the modern production of customised, high-quality sports nutrition products.

The project is built with close collaboration between the team’s nutrition and scientific experts and the specialists from DSM whom are world-leaders in nutritional ingredients. Sanas’ expert knowledge and ability to integrate the latest science and ingredients into their products creates the perfect product development environment for the team’s personalised nutrition range. With this new approach we will enable riders to perform to their absolute maximum abilities; with the personalised nutrition benefiting their performance, health and recovery.