Jai Hindley forced to abandon the Giro d’Italia

Giro d'Italia

Team DSM’s Jai Hindley is forced to abandon the Giro d’Italia ahead of its 14th stage today. Having suffered intensely with a serious saddle sore that has prevented him from riding his best over the last week, the 2020 runner up is no longer fit to race, and will instead head home to recover.

Team DSM coach Matt Winston said: “We are really disappointed to not have Jai with us at the race today. He has put in so much hard work over the last few months to be in the best possible shape for the team’s goal here at the Giro, and it’s a real shame to see his race end like this.

“The grit and determination that he has shown to try and get through the last few days is a real testament and credit to who he is as a bike rider. He has battled against an unbelievable amount of pain to try and bring value to the team in the way that he had hoped. It has been a really difficult decision for both the team and Jai to make and we will miss him amongst the great group of riders and staff we have here, but it is absolutely the right one. Focus now shifts to Jai recovering back at home and we will continue working towards our goals here at the Giro.”

Team DSM physician Anko Boelens said: “Jai has been suffering pretty hard over the last few days with an ischial hygroma – a saddle sore – and whilst we had hoped things would improve, his condition has deteriorated significantly after the stage yesterday. His pain levels are no longer tolerable and with some huge days in the mountains coming up, he cannot continue the race like this.”

Hindley said: “This is obviously not how I wanted my Giro to end. The team have really put in a lot to try and help, but the situation isn’t improving and I really can’t continue anymore. I am really disappointed – I have worked really hard to be here and fight for the team’s spot on the podium, but there isn’t another option. I’ll keep rooting for the team from home and hope to be back in action soon.”