Team DSM’s Søren Kragh Andersen abandons the Tour de France

Tour de France

The worst affected from a crash on a section of road strewn with gravel that brought down nearly all of Team DSM’s riders, Søren Kragh Andersen will not start stage 14 of the Tour de France today. Finishing yesterday’s stage 16 minutes down, Kragh Andersen was the second last rider to cross the finish line on the day, he was immediately taken for assessment by the team’s medical staff. After close observation overnight, Kragh Andersen showed signs of concussion, which left no room for discussion with the team’s medical staff regarding his continuation at the race. The 26 year old Dane will now head home for a period of rest completely off the bike while he recovers. 

Kragh Andersen said: “I am really disappointed and don’t want to leave the Tour de France. In my heart I know that the decision of the team’s medical staff can only be right one. I hope this is the last of the bad luck for the guys here at the race, and I wish them all the best for the final week.”

Team DSM physician Camiel Aldershof added: “We closely monitored Søren during the evening and very quickly came to the decision that he was no longer fit to race after seeing some signs of concussion. Søren will now take a complete period of rest and we will continue assessing his progress, before we consider a plan for his return to the bike.”