Team DSM releases Tiesj Benoot from contract

Team DSM have agreed to terminate their contract with Tiesj Benoot from 2022 onwards. During their 2021 campaign it became clear that Benoot could not deliver on his commitments, which reflected in performances both on and off the bike. In favour of positive dynamics with riders and staff within the team, as well as around it, the team have thus cooperated with the termination of Benoot’s agreement. Tiesj is a gifted rider with great athletic capability, who can perform on a multitude of terrain. He has shown some great performances as a member of Team DSM for which Team DSM are very thankful.

Benoot said: “I have good memories here at Team DSM, with some great opportunities and I have learned a lot. It’s fun to be part of this team, but it’s also demanding. That is not a negative towards the team; the many staff and specialists, as well as team mates are all really passionate, that’s why riders can get a lot out of themselves. I just wasn’t fully able to go for it together. I wish the team, my colleagues and team mates all the best.”

Team DSM wish Benoot all the best with his future endeavours.