Keep Challenging Experience

Performance tests by BeLife

Are you ready to perform? Do you want to discover your current physical fitness level and how to optimise your performance?

At the Keep Challenging Experience you can find out by doing an exercise test, focusing on your heart, lungs and muscles. You can choose from several different exclusive exercise tests that are suitable for a variety of people, from beginners to professional athletes.


On a static bike, a rest ECG and a stress ECG are conducted to identify your heart capacity. We will measure height and weight to determine your BMI and a questionnaire will give insight into your medical history and current lifestyle.

Performance Screen

The Performance Screen can be taken on your own race bike (rim brakes only; no disc brakes), or on a bike provided by Team DSM. The Performance Screen consists of a rest ECG, a stress ECG and a breath-by-breath analysis. On completion of the tests you will get to know your VO2-max and anaerobic threshold. Your lung function is measured and with additional measurements of your heart pump function, insights can be given about each element individually and a combined fitness overview. Furthermore, we will give you specific training zones and information about the efficiency of the body during exercise.

Sprint Performance Screen

The Sprint Performance Screen is a sprint test (Wingate) on a cycle ergometer, with which we will measure the anaerobic capacity and power of the lower body. Anaerobic capacity and power are the key factors behind intense efforts, like sprinting. The Wingate test is one of the most recognised and highly reliable tests to assess the characteristics of, for example, track cyclists and sprinters. With the results of the test, training programs can be designed to improve explosive power, acceleration capacity and the ability to sustain a sprint.

Alongside the three tests mentioned above, it is also possible for you to test your Muscle Energy status, Body Composition and Mental Toughness. You are also able to combine multiple tests together and receive advice from a performance coach to help you reach your goals.

Are you interested? Send an email to [email protected] and receive more information about the options that match your goals!