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Bike fitting

Cyclists can experience lots of problems on the bike; knee pain, saddle soreness and back problems are all very common issues. However, all of these problems can easily be fixed with a proper bike fit.

Book yourself a bike fit at the Keep Challenging Experience with medical professionals to perfect your position on the bike and fix any issues you may have while also optimising your maximum power through the pedals!

Our bike fitting experts are able to evaluate and assess your body and as a result they can make you an optimal bike fitting plan, while also combining (para)medical diagnosis with your individual strengths, weaknesses and capabilities. They will also give you good advice alongside the bike fitting, like exercises for muscle strengthening, flexibility training and other exercises which will help you to improve on the bike.

Bike fitting at the Keep Challenging Experience

The bike fitters:

Mannes Naeff is an experienced sports and physician at Team DSM and the Federal Dutch Cycling Association (KNWU) and sees many (professional and amateur) cyclists in Deventer. He’s worked with Team DSM since the end of 2015 and in this time, he has helped many riders adapt their bike position after they have had issues. In his experience the right bike position can prevent and cure many (chronic) injuries.

Roderik Groenewold is physical therapist and tendon specialist in Deventer and at Team DSM. After being a talented cyclist himself he changed to his physical therapist career five years ago. His experience as a cyclist helps him in his job with professionals, but also in adjusting the bike positions of amateurs.

The Keep Challenging Experience Package

To be able to give every cyclist an optimal screening, bike fitting and individual plan, we only have the “full package” available at the Keep Challenging Experience.

Keep Challenging Experience Package:

–           Questionnaire
–           Static bike fitting measurements
–           Medical musculoskeletal body screen
–           Dynamic bike fitting
–           Pedalling Analyser
–           Full report with measurements and advice

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