Keep Challenging Experience

Host your business event

In our brand-new Headquarters we have opened our magnificent Keep Challenging Experience!

You and your business or organisation can host an event in the heart of Team DSM’s ultra-modern Headquarters, providing a unique opportunity and venue to organise presentations or meetings with your employees, partners, or stakeholders.

Host your event:

  • Book the Theatre room
  • Explore the Experience and see how VO2 max tests and bike-fittings are conducted, plus some of our amazing partner’s products (note; this area is also open for fans)
  • Book bike fittings & VO2 Max tests for guests


  • Bar with fridge and availability to host lunch, dinner, or drinks
  • 80 seats, 30 parking places (in case of larger events we offer alternatives for parking)
  • High tech video wall with sound system and microphones
  • Toilets

Extra facilities required:

If there is demand for catering, extra furniture and/or technical support, we have selected the best partners. These partners offer a broad product range and we have organised special arrangements with them for the Keep Challenging Experience.

The company that charters the theatre is responsible for the booking, payment, operational actions and communications with these partners.

  • Option for catering (partner Bielderman Catering)
  • Option for rental of furniture (partner Brinkverhuur)
  • Option for technical support (partner Fidato)

Request for every event via [email protected]

Special Events:
There are no special events planned yet.