Who is this Series for?

The DSM Keep Challenging Series is for anyone over the age of 18 who’d like to challenge themselves to have fun and get a little more healthy in 2021. Whoever you are and regardless of your current fitness, the Series is open to anyone.

How do I enter the Series?

Registration closed on 13th June.

Can I register after registration closes?

No. To be fair to all the teams, registration closes on 13th June.

What do I get for entering?

You’ll receive regular email updates on your progress throughout the Series. There is also be the chance to win individual and team prizes along the way.

Do I need to take part in every challenge?

No, you don’t need to take part in every challenge. If you’d like to take part in just one of the multiple challenges taking place this summer, you can! For the team challenges, the performances of the top 6 individuals from each team count to an aggregated result. Not every team member needs to complete every challenge but the more members of your team that are involved, then the greater the chance of success!

How much does the Series cost?

It is free to enter.

How many team members can I have?

Teams consist of up to 8 team members, including yourself.

What if I do not have a team?

Not to worry! In the sign-up process, select “none” when asked which team you are joining. We will assign you to a group of other solo entrants.

Do I need to have a full team to enter?

No you don’t, however the contributions of the top 6 individuals of each team are aggregated in the team challenges so each person may need to contribute more in a smaller team. Your best chance is with 8!

When do the races start?

The first event will start on the 15th June.

Who will I be competing against?

You will be competing against other teams in different tables for members of the public, for DSM employees and for corporate partners with each category split between Men, Women and Mixed teams.

How do I submit a record of my ride to a challenge?

Once you have completed a ride and wish to submit that time/distance as your result, you need to enter the information into the database. More information is available here.

What digital apps/devices are compatible with recording my rides?

You can use any GPS-based tracker that allows you to share ride data such as Strava, Suunto, Wahoo, Polar, and FitBit. You can even upload photos as evidence. More information is available here.

Can I use indoor exercise machines or electric bikes participate?

Indoor exercise bikes or trainers are possible as long as the time/distance can be recorded and uploaded (such as via Strava and or a photo of an electronic screen in the case of an indoors exercise bike). Electric bikes or any devices with motorized support are not permitted.

What are the Terms and Conditions of the DSM Keep Challenging Series?

The Terms and Conditions can be found here.