Team DSM renews their data and analytics partnership with KPMG

Partner Announcements

Team DSM and KPMG extend their partnership which started in 2018. With this partnership, KPMG contributes to Team DSM’s efforts to build an ever more ultimate high-performance team where the athletic potential of riders can be better utilised, and where the performance of the team can be further optimised. With their unprecedented, extensive experience in the field of building applications for data-analytics, KPMG provides the team with more detailed insights and analysis and so facilitates the development of new methods as well as being a valuable support behind the team’s decision-making process regarding building and executing performance plans.

For the upcoming Tour de France, Team DSM has designed their approach for the race tactics, in general, and for the sprint train in particular, by taking on board more detailed analysis and new insights. These were produced by specific data-analytics applications which KPMG developed in close cooperation with Team DSM’s performance specialists. KPMG’s forward thinking work in the field of analysis has also enabled Team DSM to develop knowledge and methods, which they use for planning the buildup of riders towards the bigger team goals, as well as the development of a precise tool which tracks the middle and long term development of riders for a wide range of physical characteristics.

As one element of their joint work, Team DSM and KPMG have also built a data platform which is an important foundation for analysing large amounts of collected data. Sensors on the team’s bicycles and riders generate precise data that undergoes in-depth analysis to drive continual improvements. As a result of these precise and in-depth analysis, Team DSM’s specialists are then able to make better decisions for a wide variety of work which they perform with the riders of the team’s Women, Men and Development programs, and to optimally aligning areas such as training, nutrition, aerodynamics, biomechanics, strength training and race-day tactics.

From best guess to decision making based on facts

Team DSM Head of Science Narelle Neumann said: “Forward-thinking and allowing new insights and new technologies to be considered and be taken on board when designing our performance plans, means that our way of working is constantly being fine-tuned and evolving. This is not only a matter of the use of right technology but forward-thinking itself has also grown from an approach into a real culture. Coaches, trainers, nutritionists, biomechanic specialists and other experts of the team are keen to learn how to apply unprecedented insights into all aspects of the team’s activities in a very coordinated approach. This becomes even easier now all information is easy and mobile accessible through the applications which KPMG have built. A forward-thinking performance organisation is open for new insights and technology and is at the same time able to have those insights be taken on board in its decision-making processes as well as naturally integrating those insights and technologies in the execution of plans. Such a modern high-performance environment is essential for creating a sustainable competitive advantage. We are very grateful with how KPMG is contributing to that ever-continuing process of transformation, with their unique expertise in the combined fields of digital, applications and data-analytics.”

KPMG’s Head of sport analytics and Senior Manager Digital Paul Adriani concluded: “We are proud that we’re able to prove that the value of our advanced data analytics contributes to and helps improving Team DSM’s cycling performance. Real-time and much more extensive insights offer coaches, experts and cyclists more confidence in making the right decisions. Together with millions of Dutch citizens, we are looking forward to great Team DSM performances in the upcoming summer sports season.”

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About KPMG in the Netherlands: Since 1917 KPMG has been offering leading services for accountancy and strategic advisory. We are supporting organisations in excellence and well-considered decision making for now and in the future. Progress only makes sense when people and society will benefit. That is why people driven progress is our mission adding value for our customers. More than 3600 professionals are working for KPMG in The Netherlands representing 12 offices through our country. KPMG’s head office is located in Amstelveen. The Dutch KPMG organisation is part of a global network of independent KPMG offices managed from Canada.

About Team DSM:  Team DSM are a German-licensed global professional cycling team operating at the highest level of the sport, with a unique scientific and innovative focus which is ideally implemented through a culture of true cooperation. With three programs – Men, Women and Development – under that same umbrella, the team are known for their Keep Challenging mantra: to redefine cycling through cooperation and innovation. The basis of this comes from grassroots development at their Keep Challenging Center and elite sports Campus in the Dreiländer region, in Limburg, where the world’s most promising talents are developed into the best that they can be. Ethics also lay at the heart of their organisation, having always worked to the intensified ethical standards of the Movement for Credible Cycling (MPCC). Team DSM are a founding shareholder of Velon; many new and young fans throughout the world are starting to follow professional cycling through modern novelties which are being introduced in cycling by Velon.