Rider Diary

Rider diaries with Michael Storer


After finishing his debut Giro d’Italia with the team, Michael sat down to write his thoughts and reflect on how the race went for him and the guys…

This is my fourth Grand Tour after doing the Vuelta three times already and it has been super nice! It’s of course a different part of the season with a lot of changeable weather which really adds to the carnage.

I’ve lived in Italy for a few years so stage 19 and 20 were both on roads that I’ve ridden on before which was really nice.

I do have to say it’s a lot nicer doing them in training than when full gas racing!

I think the opening week went really well for me. At that moment we were supporting Romain and Jai and we did a really good job as a team. It’s really nice to be able to perform well in a race and use that form out on the road rather than just having it in training, that motivates me even more.

After my crash on stage 14 I had a couple of tough days but then managed to get better and bounce back in the final week. On stage 17, I was feeling really good as the bruising had healed and my muscles were starting to work again.

I was really proud to have been able to step up to help Romain that day.

There are only a few days where we went full all the way on the climb so that was great. Then on stage 20 it was really nice being on the front foot, putting the hurt on the other teams.

It’s really cool to be out front making the race and I hope everyone watching enjoyed that.

After everything I think we can be really proud of what we have walked away with. We all committed 100% and it was great to be a part of it. Now the race is over, I’m hoping to continue my tour of Italy but in a different way. I’ve got a holiday planned to Sardinia for a week. I’m really looking forward to some R&R after a tough few weeks out on the road. I hope you enjoyed the racing in Italy over the last month!

Until next time,

Ciao, Michael!