Race report

National Championships Week – Our results

National Championships

Photo Credit: Cloé Colinet / Direct Velo

Time Trial

16th June:

U23: Enzo Leijnse – 5th
Women: Esmée Peperkamp – 9th
Men: Thymen Arensman – 14th

Men: Ilan Van Wilder – 4th

17th June:

Women: Juliette Labous – 2nd

“From the start, I could directly feel that I didn’t have super legs today, so I reduced my power a bit and played with what I had. I paced it well, took good lines and good corners so I really did the best I could today. I knew after my recent altitude camp that it might take a bit of time to get my race legs again. I don’t have any regrets from today and I will keep my focus towards my big goals to come. A silver medal is still a good result so I’m happy with that.”

Czech Republic
U23: Pavel Bittner – 7th

Men: Andreas Leknessund – 3rd

Men: Chad Haga – 2nd

“It’s a bit frustrating to again be second place, but I had a perfect race. It was hard conditions with the heat but I was well prepared, and it was my best TT of the year, so I’m satisfied with that. I’ll just have to come back and try again in the future!”

19th June:

U23: Hannes Wilksch – 8th

Road Race

19th June:

Women: Lorena Wiebes – 7th, Floortje Mackaij – 10th
U23: Casper van Uden – 3rd

“It was a really tough race with the two punchy climbs. It was important for us to be in the break as it was a hard lap to chase. Luckily after trying a few times I made it in the break and there was some really good work from the boys to keep the pace down behind us. In the end I had to gamble on my sprint and came third after winning the sprint from my group. I’m satisfied with the result and how the shape is!”

Women: Juliette Labous – 4th

Women: Wilma Olausson – 13th

20th June:

Men: Leon Heinschke – 9th
Women: Liane Lippert – 2nd

“It was a really tough circuit, with basically one way up and one way down, with a tricky climb. I attacked on the last climb and that’s normally my strength. I planned to attack later and on the steep part but Lisa still had her teammate Kathrin in the group who attacked from the bottom. I closed her down and just continued, and had a bit of a gap and was on my own. Lisa fought her way back to me and we continued to the finish together. It’s hard to beat her in a sprint but I wasn’t able to attack her anymore and the course didn’t really suit that. I just went for the sprint and it was clear she was the stronger one, but you never know, she might have been more tired from the TT yesterday. Of course I wanted to be champion, especially with the nationals close to my home, but I think it was the best result possible for me today and I gave it my all so I have to be happy with that.”

Women: Susanne Andersen – 4th
Men: Andreas Leknessund – 4th

Men: Martijn Tusveld – 6th

Men: Casper Pedersen – 7th

Czech Republic
Men: Pavel Bittner – 10th

Women: Coryn Rivera – 2nd