Rider Q and A

Q&A with Nils Eekhoff


This month we asked you on our social media channels if you had any questions for Nils Eekhoff. After returning home from a pre Paris-Roubaix ride, Nils sat down to answer some of our favourites!

Q: Best advice for a young rider to help them get better?

A: It’s important to have fun while riding your bike, otherwise it will be hard to make all those hard training hours to get better. Also make sure you have a good and stable surrounding, to get the most out of yourself.

Q: From what age did you start cycling and what got you into it, and when did it become serious for you?

A: I started cycling when I was eight years old. Before that I did judo but I didn’t enjoy it as much anymore. I had to choose a new sport to stay active. My father and grandfather were always watching cycling on the TV and at some moment when watching a race I decided I would like to try cycling as my new sport. I have always enjoyed it and year-by-year got better at it. It then started to get serious when I got good results in the juniors and got scouted for Team DSM’s development program.

Q: What’s your favourite race and why?

A: Paris-Roubaix is my favourite race, there is no other race like Roubaix. It’s so iconic and a has such a special atmosphere.

Q: Would you prefer rain to dry conditions at Roubaix and why?

A: I have thought quite a bit about this question myself already. Both have pro’s and con’s. I think I would prefer to ride in dry conditions but I don’t mind if it will be rain too. It’s all a mental thing!

Q: Do you like cheese sandwiches?

A: I like cheese, but not on a sandwich!