Rider Q and A

Q&A with Niklas Märkl


Q: What is your favourite Race?

A: It is the Ronde van Vlaanderen. It is my favourite race because the atmosphere, the character of the race and the crowd is really unique!

Q: Liane Lippert asked: Do you prefer training or racing?

A: Definitely racing! 

Q: What was your favourite moment in the 2022 season?

A: There were a few nice moments this year. For me personally to start at my first Monument, the Ronde van Vlaanderen, was really special.

Q: How does a perfect day on the bike look for you?

A: A good day on the bike is when there is nice weather outside, I have a nice loop with some hills, some good company on the bike and a nice coffee stop at the end of the ride.

Q: What is your biggest goal for your career?

A: My biggest goal is to have a top result at my favourite race – that would be really special!