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Q&A with Pavel Bittner


This month we asked you on our social media channels if you had any questions for Pavel Bittner! After coming back from a training ride preparing for his next goals, Pavel sat down to answer five of the best.

Q: Favourite race and why?

A: It’s probably Paris-Roubaix. Super fun to watch, always an unpredictable race. Might not be that fun to actually race it, but would be dream come true to race, winning it is legendary.

Q: What do you do to relax in your spare time?

A: I love to spend time with my close friends doing random stuff and activities. Then relaxing at home watching youtube or playing on PS4 is also needed sometimes.

Q: Favourite moment with the team?

A; That would probably be when we won that one stage in Tour of Normandy this year. It was super smooth job from everybody in the squad, the vibe afterwards was great. Otherwise my favourite periods with the guys are always Calpe training camps early in the year, many training kilometres and huge amount of fun.

Q: Excited about making the step-up?

A: Yes of course! It’s something that I always had as a dream, doing something that I love, which is cycling. Being professional at sport is such a privilege in life, it can’t get any better. Doing the biggest races on the calendar might be the thing I look towards the most, racing against stars of this sport and picking up achievements at the same time.

Q: Funniest teammate?

A: That’s a difficult question haha! There are  many funny guys in the team actually, everyone is hilarious in their own way. If there would be a top 5, it would include Tobi, Patrick, Cees, Sam and Nils – but I’m not going to say in what order!