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Q&A with Coryn Rivera


This month we asked you on our social media channels if you had any questions for Coryn Rivera, who recently won a stage for us at the Giro Donne. After returning back from a training ride, Coryn sat down to answer our favourites!

Q: What is it like racing in Europe and being away from your family and dog? How do you deal with that?

A: I just remember that it’s a choice that I make, it’s not a sacrifice. I love racing my bike and love travelling. I love doing it as my job and part of that is spending time away from my family and my dog. I have to give a lot of credit to my family and Nate for looking after Tank when I’m away, while also being really supportive throughout it all. They help make it happen and help me do what I love doing. I’m really helpful for their support. I try to spend as much time that I can at home when there’s not too much racing so I can have some family time. I spend about 50 percent of my time in Europe and the other 50 at home, and it’s all chopped up throughout the year. It makes me appreciate the time I have my family a lot more, and also appreciate the time when I’m out racing and travelling with the team a lot more too.

Q: What does it feel like to win a race like your stage at the Giro?

A: It’s crazy, it’s cool, it’s a lot of emotions to win a stage at the Giro. It’s been a while since I’ve won a race as well so there were a lot of emotions there. It’s a culmination of all the hard work and no bad luck, and a bit of good luck, to execute a race as planned like that. It’s just really cool and those are the moments you really have to savour, enjoy and celebrate as you’ll lose more often than you win, so it’s a pretty cool feeling to win a race.

Q: What has been your favourite place to race?

A: It really depends. I love racing in Italy because the pasta is good and then at the end of the race, mainly at the Giro, we normally have some food together as a team and get to enjoy some local pizza. Also, the riding is beautiful. I also love being in France too. It just really depends what you’re asking for! The fans in Belgium are really awesome, supportive and loud, especially in non-Covid times so that’s also a really cool thing about racing in Belgium. It just depends what favourite means but I have a handful of favourites.

Q: How much do you miss Liane and your community?

A: I do miss Liane and the community so much, that we even started to do Instagram live sessions outside of the Giro!

Q: Electric or regular toothbrush?

A: I’m definitely an electric toothbrush kind of person. I have a normal/manual one on the airplane with me for long flights but apart from that I’m an electric toothbrush person!