From our cooks: Starter – Savoury pancake with bell pepper, tomato, and mozzarella


Starter – Savoury pancake with bell pepper, tomato, and mozzarella

Who doesn’t love a savoury pancake as a starter! Our Team DSM riders really enjoyed this starter after a tough Giro d’Italia stage recently.

Ingredients Pancakes (recipe for 4 pancakes)

  • 150 g Bisschopsmolen banketmix
  • 2 eggs
  • 400 ml lactose free milk
  • 5 g olive oil

Ingredients Topping (serves 4)

  • 200 g cherry tomatoes
  • 200 g red bell pepper
  • 5 g olive oil
  • 80 g mozzarella
  • 40 g red pesto
  • 50 g pine nuts


  • Mixing bowl
  • Frying pan
  • Cooking pan

Instructions Pancakes:

  • Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl with a mixer or whisk
  • Pour some of the batter in the frying pan and fry for a few minutes on both sides until golden brown and cooked in the middle

Instructions Topping:

  1. Cut the red bell pepper in pieces and cut the cherry tomatoes in half
  2. Fry the bell pepper and cherry tomatoes with 5 ml of olive oil in a frying pan, just 2-5 minutes.
  3. Cut the mozzarella into 4 equal slices
  4. Put the pancakes on 4 separate plates and divide the topping ingredients over the pancakes.
  5. Serve 1 pancake with warm bell pepper and cherry tomatoes, the mozzarella, red pesto and pine nuts