Hardenberg, Netherlands
Position in the team
Riding my bike
Favourite food
Favourite TV show
The Grand Tour
Favourite holiday destination
Favourite race
Milano San-Remo

Timmer started his career as a mechanic in a bicycle shop. For as long as Albert can remember he has loved everything that’s related to cycling. After 11 years as a pro he still has a great passion for the sport and despite retiring at the end of 2017, Timmer has taken up a coaching role, staying within Team DSM’s ranks.

“Friendship is very important in this team. There’s always a very good atmosphere. We all help each other and there are no big egos.”

Albert fits perfectly within the teams culture and structure. He’s a very valuable member in the aspects of teamwork. He knows everything about the team and teaches the younger riders about how things work and he makes sure they feel comfortable.

Albert became father of a little girl at the end of 2016.

“I love cycling, but there’s no bigger win than parenthood.”

“I’m very happy with the things I’m doing right now. I don’t need many other things next to the sport. Being at home with my daughter makes me calm and relaxed.”