Kragh Andersen

Kolding, Denmark
Hunting, good coffee
Favourite food
Café Razz Burger
Favourite TV show
Nak og æd
Favourite race
Spring Classics
Favourite holiday destination
Norway in the winter / high Alps in the summer

2019 saw Asbjørn make the step up and join his brother, Søren, at WorldTour level with the team. A successful opening year in which he helped the team to victories in several races throughout the season has only left the Dane hungrier to continue his development.

“It’s been a really nice first two years with the team. I have learnt a lot and really got into how the team works; from travel to training, working with the new materials and the staff within the team, it’s been a good experience.”

Asbjørn wasn’t always a cyclist and used to play football as a goalkeeper when he was younger. However, he eventually got bored of standing (and sometimes sitting) in the goals so his dad bought him a bike. From that point he fell in love with the sport and never looked back.

Driven and determined, Asbjørn likes to focus on the small things, always wanting to improve himself on the bike and do the best that he can.

“Preparing myself to be ready for the next team goal: that’s what motivates me. I hope to be a part of a big win with the team, and I want to be as ready as possible and do my bit for them. The wins I was a part of have been team wins and you leave at the end of those days with a good feeling.”

When he’s not cycling, Asbjørn enjoys going for walks along the beach with his girlfriend and springer spaniel, chilling, or if it is the right season then he also likes to go hunting.