Kortenhoef, Netherlands
Speed skating
Favourite food
Dutch pancakes
Favourite TV show
La Casa de Papel
Favourite holiday destination
Spain or Italy
Favourite race

At 22 years old, Charlotte has steadily progressed through the cycling ranks, improving as a rider year-on-year as and taking her first two professional victories in 2021 ahead of joining Team DSM.

However, the bike wasn’t her original sporting love, instead Charlotte lived up to her surname and kept things cool on the ice-rink with speed skating.

“My parents really like to watch sport, but they only really do speed skating. They said that I had to learn how to do it so that when the lakes are frozen in the winter we can go on a nice trip together. It kind of just took off from there and all of a sudden my mum was driving me all around the Netherlands to go to the ice rink!”

Competitive at heart, Charlotte soon took up cycling in the summer to help with her fitness for speed skating and fell in love with the sport. Enjoying the “freedom” of being out on the road, Charlotte joined a cycling club and as with her speed-skating, progressed through the ranks and she was soon competing all over the country.


Charlotte Kool | Team DSM | January Team Camp
Charlotte Kool | Team DSM | January Team Camp

Eventually having to make the choice, Charlotte parked the competitive speed-skating and focused on all things two-wheels. Motivated and driven, Charlotte is focused on developing to be the best she can be.

“Cycling is just my passion. I love preparing for the races and when I train, I always think about the next race. To do everything right for that one next goal; It really keeps me motivated.”

When she’s not on the bike smashing out her efforts, you can often find Charlotte socialising with friends, or dusting off her skates for a family day out.