Newport Beach, California
Coco, Pocket Rocket
Surfing, snowboarding, family & friends
Favourite food
Bacon & eggs or steak!
Favourite TV show
Stranger Things, Narcos
Favourite holiday destination
Any beach/island
Favourite race
RVV, AGR, Tour of California

A fan of the spring classics, Coryn was the first American to win the Ronde van Vlaanderen when she took the title in 2017. Her 2019 campaign was unfortunately blighted by illness and injury and 2020 was saw a much reduced calendar for the Women’s program, but Coryn remains upbeat and that has only motivated her even more for this season.

“The clock always ticks so you better keep up and keep moving, just get over any disappointment and regroup. In the second half of the year it was nice to prove myself. It is hard to show who are you when you’re dealing with something; whether that be illness or crashes. So, when there are a lot of things not going your way it is nice to have less bad luck and get back on track.”

Coryn loves the freedom of being outside on the bike when training, using cycling as a way to explore a new place or “clearing her head”.  She also likes the social aspect of riding, finding it a very good way to connect with someone and get to know them well over a four-hour ride. However, when on the bike during a race, Coryn is a fierce competitor and always strives for more.

“There is always something that you can improve on, even if you win. For example, I don’t think there is a perfect lead out; there is always something that you can learn. If you do win, it is then the question of how you can get first and second. I always want to be better.”

Now one of the more experienced riders on the team, Coryn revels in that role and uses her knowledge from past races and seasons with the team to help guide the younger riders about life as a professional cyclist, both when racing or training.

Laid-back when off the bike, the Californian enjoys some chill time and likes to spend time with family and friends, where she appreciates good food and coffee.