Heerlen, Netherlands
Position in the team
Trainer Group - Human Movement Expert
Cycling, gym, reading
MSc Exercise Physiology, PhD Sport Science
Favourite Food
Favourite TV show
Favourite holiday destination
Favourite race
Amstel Gold Race

Dajo is a former racer who while studying for his BSc and MSc degrees in Exercise Physiology started to provide training plans for competitive road cyclists. Once his studies advanced even further, he decided that his PhD in Sport Science would be based around research of elite cycling performance. From there Dajo’s experience as a trainer continued to broaden and soon he was working with U23, continental and pro-continental riders. After completing his PhD he worked at the University of Stirling before taking on a full-time role at Team Dimension Data in 2019 as a Sport Scientist and Trainer, with Dajo now taking on the role of trainer at Team DSM in 2020 and working with the Men’s program.

“I really enjoy working with dedicated athletes and working together with a group of people aiming to optimise the cyclist’s performance and trying to solve the ‘performance puzzle’.”

Motivated by continuously learning and seeing progress in both himself and the riders under his tutelage, Dajo is excited to work with his fellow staff members and riders.

“I want to share my passion for cycling, science and training. I will bring a strong research and academic background combined with years of practical experience, as both a cyclist but also a trainer, to the team.”

When he’s not working, Dajo likes to stay as active as possible and uses sports as a way to relax; whether that be going to the gym, out on his bike or away for a run.