Bünde, Germany
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Breaking Bad
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2019 saw Florian make the transition from the Development program to the Men’s program in March, where he quickly found himself competing in some of the biggest World Tour races in the calendar.

“I think I made some good steps and I was really satisfied with my first season as a pro. It was quite a big jump and I needed some time for adaptation, but after that it felt right. I learnt more about professional cycling for sure, how it works, and just how high the level is in the peloton.”

Florian used to be a footballer but switched to cycling at around the age of ten and he soon started racing on two wheels. Falling in love with the sport for its competitiveness but also the simplicity of being able to go out and explore new places on his bike, Florian jokingly admits that he doesn’t always love it, mainly if he is out training when the weather is atrocious.

Driven by always seeing improvements, the calm and open-minded German feels at home within the team’s structure.

“I love seeing myself grow as a rider. When I remember what I was like when I joined the team three years ago, I have made some big steps since then and the team have helped to develop my personality as well. I’m also intrigued to see how far I can go; that keeps me motivated to be the best I can be.”

When he’s off the bike, you can find Florian relaxing by either reading books or playing the PlayStation with friends, with FIFA being his favourite game.