Cottbus, Germany
Meet friends, go for coffee
Favourite Food
Favourite TV show
Anything on Netflix
Favourite holiday destination
Favourite race
Tour de France / Giro d'Italia

Hannes joined the team in 2020, off the back of a strong junior career where he had success both on the track and the road in the juniors. He was part of the world record setting German junior team pursuit squad on the track, while also tasting victory at the LVM Saarland Trofeo in 2019. Hannes wants to learn as much as he can from the team.

“I want to keep improving and doing the best I can do, learning from the team and getting the most out of myself in the professional environment.”

Despite playing football at a young age, Hannes soon fell in love with the sport of cycling in 2008 and hasn’t looked back since.

“I enjoy cycling in general, being able to go out and socialise with friends and take in the nature. It’s great to be able to go out and train with friends on long rides.”


Hannes Wilksch | Team DSM | January Team Camp
Hannes Wilksch | Team DSM | January Team Camp

As a rider, Hannes enjoys the camaraderie involved within the sport and everyone working together towards one common goal.

“I really like the team aspect of cycling and working together with others. When my team wins, I’m really proud of the teamwork and us all coming together to achieve that win.”

Away from the sport, Hannes is just like any other teenager; he enjoys going for coffee and watching series on Netflix. Alongside cycling, the German youngster is studying for his A-levels.