Markelo, Netherlands
Position in the team
Sports, holidays, nice dinners
Favourite food
Favourite holiday destination
Northern Italy
Favourite race
Hammer Series - all of them!

Before starting the then Team Skil-Shimano in 2008, Iwan Spekenbrink was heavily involved in sports management & marketing, being active himself and growing up very happily in his family.

Now as the CEO of Team DSM, Iwan remains passionate about sports and working with a group of people on one united mission; these are the two pillars behind the origins of his work with the team.

Iwan’s passion for the sport was first ignited when he was younger, watching the TV in awe as athletes battled tough and majestic climbs in demanding sunny and hot weather conditions.

Iwan is highly sensitive towards honesty and for himself and others to do the right thing for the sport of cycling, and in life. When asked of his professional dream, Iwan is a man on a mission with four very clear goals. The first of which is to create the most advanced sports environment within cycling but then more importantly, maintain that high-level environment and continue to inspire those within and outside the team based on that approach.

“Next, I want to contribute to reforming the sport of cycling through engaging broader audiences worldwide, as well as a new generation of fans, in order to help the sport’s economical growth and make it much more sustainable. Through this, teams with their riders and personnel will get a much better place in the model, which they deserve.”

Thirdly, Iwan wants the team to make its mark by achieving extraordinary results, which are themselves as a result of the team’s focused approach on the continuous development of everyone involved in the organisation; both on and off the bike.

“That determined approach leads to the rise of excellent athletes working alongside extraordinary people, constantly improving specialists who together work towards new goals with the utmost determination, intelligence and inspiration.”

“When that approach then produces exceptional results, those then simply become unforgettable moments. Those unforgettable moments fuel the passion for us all to keep progressing our mission forward and reach new extraordinary heights together.”

Iwan’s final goal is to contribute to a clean and credible sport of cycling and ensure that cycling is the absolute frontrunner and example for other sports in these regards.

Outside of work Iwan is a family man and enjoys taking a step back from his busy lifestyle to spend time with his friends and family. He also enjoys riding his bike and participating in other sports, enjoying nature and indulging in nice dinners with good friends.