de Jong

Utrecht, Netherlands
Position in the team
Trainer Group - Human Movement Expert
MA in Human Movement Sciences/Exercise Physiology
Cycling, MTB
Favourite food
Favourite holiday destination
Aosta, Italy
Favourite race
Giro ciclistico della valle d'Aoste Mont Blanc

Before joining Team DSM at the beginning of 2019, Jelle worked as a trainer and coach at Delta Cycling Rotterdam, a continental development team in the Netherlands.

“I get a lot of energy out of working with a group towards a goal; this isn’t just at work but also with my friends or doing sports.”

Away from the job Jelle is himself into sports and his favourite summer activity is spending time in the Alps with ropes, a pickaxe and crampons in search of the highest summits. When he’s not climbing in the Alps, he’s riding his bike around there. His ultimate goal is to one day climb a mountain in the Himalayas, higher than 6000 metres.

An enthusiastic guy, Jelle is motivated by working towards a goal. In 2013 he was a trainer for the Human Power Team, with the goal to break the world’s fastest speed in cycling, human powered on a flat road. After a year’s training with one rider, the duo broke the world record, reaching a top speed of 133,78 km/h.