Ruurlo, Netherlands
Gaming, walking
Favourite food
Mum's lasagne
Favourite TV show
Voetbal Inside
Favourite holiday destination
Favourite race
Tour de France

Joris joins his brother Pepijn in the Development program this year, with the younger of the Reinderink brothers endeared by the team’s way of working.

“I had some good conversations with Roy [Curvers], who explained how the team works and the long-term processes; it’s not that in your first year you have to get a result. All the people that work here can help bring you to a higher level. It’s a nice environment and Pepijn was also positive about the team when I asked him.”

A Covid-affected 2020 season saw Joris and Pepijn only race together once although Joris jokes that he got the best of him so took home the bragging rights in the house.

Despite his grandfather and dad having rode, Joris was a footballer at first before taking up cycling at the age of 13. A goalkeeper, Joris could have joined first division side De Graafschap but he wanted to stay and play at a club with his friends instead. Well-humoured, Joris jokes that the switch was a good one.

“I wasn’t really tall so at the younger ages when the goal was small, I was good but then when the goal got bigger, whoah, that wasn’t for me anymore and I focused on cycling.”


Joris Reinderink | Team DSM | January Team Camp
Joris Reinderink | Team DSM | January Team Camp

Evidently a fan of team sports, Joris thoroughly enjoys the collective effort that you go through while competing in cycling, something that he managed to find in his junior career too.

“In my junior team we were really a team, you know. It’s the same as here. We really rode for each other and that’s what I like – I do something for you, you do something for me, that kind of the thing. In the end it’s a real team victory – you see it when everyone is together at the finish.”

Looking to the future and his first years with the Development program, Joris is realistic about his expectations. Putting aside any pressure on personal results, instead, he wants to give his all and help some of the more experienced riders to strong results for the team.

When he’s not training or competing, you can find Joris socialising with friends or family, or tucking into Mrs Reinderink’s famous lasagne.