Mijdrecht, Netherlands
Walking with my dogs, chilling on the boat
Favourite TV Show
Stranger Things
Favourite food
Pizza and chicken
Favourite holiday destination
Favourite race
Amstel Gold Race

New to the team part way through 2020, Lorena impressed many in her opening year as a professional in 2018 where she took four UCI level wins. However, it was 2019 that saw her make a dramatic rise through the ranks of the women’s peloton, taking home a spectacular 15 wins and ending the year at the top of the UCI rider rankings.

2021 saw Lorena and the team continue in a similar fashion with the the Dutch sprinter claiming a staggering 13 wins in the team’s distinctive two-striped jersey.

Despite the great start to her career, Lorena is a driven and motivated individual who continually wants to keep pushing and get better.

“I want to make the next steps in my career and keep improving, and I think I can do that with Team DSM and their professional approach.”


Lorena Wiebes | Team DSM | January Team Camp
Lorena Wiebes | Team DSM | January Team Camp

A winner at heart, Lorena strives to be the best but in spite of her talents, Lorena is more than happy to work for teammates if the terrain suits them more.

“I hope that we can win as much as possible as a team and I hope that I can help the rest of the girls to the win in races that suit them. One of my favourite memories from 2019 was when I was able to help Demi [Vollering] win Giro dell’Emilia.” 

Not originally a cyclist, Lorena’s first sport was acrobatic gymnastics before she then focused on football. Meanwhile she was riding her bike, albeit it was mostly cyclocross, but she soon began to enjoy it more and eventually competed on the road at the age of 14. In her words the races “went well” and she hasn’t looked back since.

Off the bike you can often find Lorena out for a walk to relax or taking a trip onto the canals and rivers in the family boat. While in the winter she enjoys “clearing her head” with some kickboxing in her local gym.