Oldenzaal, Netherlands
Position in the team
BA Marketing Management
Family/friends, riding my bike, running
Favourite food
Favourite TV show
Wie is de Mol
Favourite holiday destination
Favourite race
Strade Bianche

Before joining the team in 2011, Marc Reef was a cyclist himself and finished studies in Marketing Management. As well as a coach, Marc is also part of the performance team and is responsible for scouting new talents.

Marc’s passion for cycling began when he was 14 years old. Having always followed the sport on TV, it was then that he bought a bike and experienced the freedom that a bike provides.

“I liked the speed, freedom and always wanted to improve by training and soon enough, I started to race. From the moment I stopped racing and joined the team, I have always remained motivated to be able to help the team and riders to develop and achieve goals in the biggest races.”

Marc’s favourite race is Paris-Roubaix; “It’s a heroic race, full of passion and chaos, where team work, material and tactic play an important role.” His favourite race also doubles as his career highlight, as Team DSM’s 2015 classics campaign at Paris-Roubaix and Milan-Sanremo takes the top spot. “We had a very good group together that set their own interests aside to work for the goal we’d set together as a team. I think the moment that the team celebrated the victory together on the podium said enough.”

Marc believes that the key binding factors behind Team DSM’s successes are teamwork, cooperation and science.

“We have clear goals and plans that give the team direction. Together we challenge one another to take it up to the next level, and as a collective perform better than we are.”

An easy-going, driven and modest guy, on his days off you could find Marc spending time with his family, on holiday or out for a bike ride with friends. Aside from cycling he also has interests in other sports, enjoys running and making the most out of time with his family.