Markelo, Netherlands
Position in the team
Head of Finance and Operations
Master in Science in Neuroendocrinology (Medical Biology)
Favourite holiday destination
Riding, dinner and dancing with my biology friends
Favourite food
Boerenkool met rookworst
Favourite race
I don't have one, each season brings new goals

Marloes is a Biologist by trade after graduating from university in 2003 with an MSc in Neuroendocrinology. Although she doesn’t practice her degree within this position, she thoroughly enjoyed her studies and still enjoys spending time with her friends from university.

After meeting Iwan, Marloes became more interested in the world of sports and marketing, where she started to hone a new passion for business. Upon finishing her studies, she began working alongside Iwan in that area while also simultaneously working early morning and late night shifts at a local fast food restaurant to help “buy” the duo time to allow their company to grow.

Soon things fell into place due to the foundations laid after all of the hard work and the birth of the team now known as Team DSM took place. Since then, Marloes has helped the team grow year on year and has held various positions in the team since its infancy, always helping out those who needed it and gaining energy from working with motivated colleagues.

“I really get pleasure out of working with people on the same goal or challenge, especially when everyone is driven and motivated; that gives me energy. I feel that when I go to a race and work with the staff members there, and I experience that when I go to the office and sit downstairs with all of the people we have working behind the scenes. To be part of those teams, and to work in an organised and smart way towards the same goal, it’s just awesome.”

Reflecting on her time with the team so far Marloes has lots of great memories, including being in the car when the team won Paris-Roubaix in 2015, but her proudest achievement to date is helping to get DSM on as a title partner.

Looking ahead to the future, Marloes aims to continue the momentum the team has and the way of working within the organisation, embodying the Keep Challenging philosophy.

“I would like to see us Keep Challenging ourselves every day as a team and how we work, always looking for ways to improve. If we keep doing that, I am sure we can remain a stable team like we have been and achieve some more great sportive highlights together.”

On her days off, Marloes enjoys riding her bike and spending time with her friends and she finds it hard to take a holiday without her bike.