Cologne, Germany
Favourite Food
Favourite TV show
Two and a Half Men
Favourite holiday destination
Greek islands
Favourite race
Tour de France/Paris-Roubaix/Tour Down Under

Nikias has been part of numerous team wins and successes, such as the successful 2020 Tour de France campaign, but the German rider is always hungry to return to winning ways himself. Recalling doing just that, when he raised his arms aloft at the Vuelta a España after what was an exciting and tough day in the saddle.

“I’m always hungry for success, but I’m always hungry for team success too; it doesn’t mean I have to be on the podium at the end of the day. I really enjoyed the win at the Vuelta in 2019 though because I hadn’t personally won a race since 2017.”

One of the more experienced riders on the team, Nikias acts as a reliable road captain and it is a role that he relishes in.

“I enjoy being a road captain and the challenge that comes with. It can be simple, especially in the Vuelta for example when we were in the flow. It was an easy race to be a road captain; things just fell into place. Sometimes it gives me a little bit of extra pressure though, particularly in big one day races where anything can happen and you have to make quick decisions, but I like that pressure.”

Before taking up cycling Nikias played numerous sports as a youngster including jujitsu, judo, basketball and tennis, with the latter being his favourite. However, when he moved cities there was no tennis club nearby so he needed to find a new sport and soon fell in love with cycling after going along to a local club and giving it a try; eventually making his newfound hobby and passion into his world.

Someone who’s own personal ethos matches the team’s, Nikias is motivated by always seeing improvements and working together towards one common goal: being the best you can be.

Away from the sport, his friends, family and girlfriend help to keep him grounded at home and make sure he is refreshed when he returns to racing. Although the jovial German jokingly admits that it is sometimes difficult with his girlfriend because she just wants to relax at home while he wants to take the opportunity to go and visit everyone.