Rijsenhout, Netherlands
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After three years in the Development program, Nils made the step up to the WorldTour program in 2020, where the Dutchman felt prepared for the move after a series of good results in 2019.

“I think I’ve grown into it after three years in the Development team. I know how the team works already which is great and I have made good steps every year; I felt like it was a natural progression.”

As a youngster, cycling was always on the TV and that is what caught Nils’ attention when he thought “that looks cool” and wanted to try it after he quit judo. Since then, he hasn’t looked back and enjoys both the tactics of racing but also being able to explore new places when on the bike.

Nils is a true team player and gets a buzz when others are working for him in the finale of a race but also gets the same feeling when he returns the favour for them.

“I get a lot of motivation and adrenaline when the other guys work for me, knowing that they trust me to get a result and I’m really focused in the final because of that. The whole process of working for others is also good too, and I get adrenaline from that and knowing I have gave it my all for them and the team.”

In his first few years as a professional Nils hopes to be part of team successes throughout the year, while also daydreaming about potentially winning Paris-Roubaix in the future.

When he’s not racing on his bike, Nils keeps himself occupied by spending time with his girlfriend who is also into cycling, or by honing his cooking skills and perfecting his favourite dish of Turkey Provençal. If not, you can find him playing Fortnite on the PlayStation with Tim.