Gloucestershire, UK
Art, drawing, cooking, baking
Favourite food
Chicken Katsu Curry
Favourite TV show
Favourite holiday destination
Favourite race
World Championships / La Course

After a successful 2018 as a junior, the young British rider made the step up to elite level with the team in 2019. With such a big jump in level Pfeiffer admits her first few races were a massive learning experience; from race craft, to knowing what to do when you get a mechanical and riding together as a team in the bunch.

“I feel like I’ve been the baby in the team, everyone has looked after me so well and has been so welcoming. I’m quite shy sometimes so to have everyone be there and when I do things wrong, they’re like “it’s ok, don’t worry”, is really helpful and reassuring.”

Cycling has been a part of Pfeiffer’s life for as long as she can remember, with everyone in her family active on their bikes, all going out for rides together.

Combining her first year of racing as a professional with continuing her studies, Pfeiffer passed her exams with flying colours but will put her education on hold to focus fully on cycling in 2021.


Pfeiffer Georgi | Team DSM | January Team Camp
Pfeiffer Georgi | Team DSM | January Team Camp

The latter part of 2019 saw Pfeiffer miss some racing due to injury and the reduced calendar for the Women’s peloton in 2020 saw less action for the whole team, but that only made her hungrier for success.

“Missing races and watching them from the side line has been really difficult, so it really motivates me to get back into the action. I want to perform well for the team, knowing my teammates are putting in hard work while training and racing, then I want to do that too.”

Something that she reaped the rewards of, with her first pro win in September which she followed up by taking the British National Championships in brilliant fashion.

A creative person, Pfeiffer enjoys spending her time off the bike baking, drawing or painting, and spending time with family and friends.