Deurningen, Netherlands
Position in the team
Head Coach
To build/renovate houses
Favourite holiday destination
Germany, in the hills
Favourite race
Tour de France

A former professional rider himself, Rudi won the Dutch national road race championships in 2003 – a memory that he reminisces about fondly. Having been with the team since 2005 and as someone always been interested in coaching, it was a natural progression for Rudi to move into a role behind the scenes once he hung his wheels up.

Describing himself as an open and honest guy who is able to react directly and clearly, Rudi now works as Head of Coaching for the team and is tasked with coordinating a lot of work behind the scenes and making sure that everything performance-based runs smoothly – both on and off of the bike.

When he’s not working, his favourite place to be is in the German hills and he enjoys building and renovating houses. On his days off you can find Rudi with his friends, or spending time on his farm.