Kragh Andersen

Monaco, France
Hiking, skiing, fishing, family
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Kender du Typer
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Ronde van Vlaanderen/Worlds

After a promising start to the year at the Tour of Algarve where he finished second overall, the rest of Søren’s 2019 campaign was unfortunately blighted by illness and injury. However, that only made him more excited for 2020.

“It made me more motivated to come back this year [2020] and prove how good I am. It was just not my year in 2019. I’m not trying to forget it though, instead I try to learn from it and get stronger both mentally and physically because of it.”

Learn from it he did, with Søren having the best season of his career to date with four WorldTour wins, including two at the team’s incredibly successful Tour de France campaign.

Someone that just loves to ride his bike, cycling means a lot to the Dane and that is something that he has learned over the years, taking a mature approach to life on his young shoulders.

 “When you’re really sad and down you figure out what makes you happy and for me that is when I sit on the bike and feel fit. When everything is good and I feel that I can push myself to the limits; that’s why I love cycling.”

Having recently moved to Monaco, a hub for professional cyclists, Søren hopes that his new home will bring some improvements to his performance on the bike after training on many of the local climbs.

“I want to improve in the classics and prove how good I can be, because I don’t think I’ve shown that fully it yet. I have showed potential with my win at Paris Tours but I want to be able to perform in the toughest races against the best riders.”

Away from the bike you can often find Søren outdoors, whether that be out on a hike or going fishing.