Hampshire, UK
Position in the team
Trainer Group - Human Movement Expert
Coach/ Stevo
Music, Riding, Golf
Favourite Food
Favourite TV show
After Life, Our Planet
Favourite race
Favourite holiday destination
Scotland or anywhere with a golf course!

Steve joined the team in 2020, where he took on the role of trainer co-ordinator. With a vast array of experience, recently being Performance Director at ONE Pro Cycling before joining the team, Steve has also worked as a performance or consultant coach for various sport teams and organisations including British gymnastics and within Formula 1.

“I believe excellence in sport isn’t always about finding the right answers but also asking the right questions.”

Steve loves the sport for its complex team nature and trying to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together, and he gets a lot of satisfaction from seeing everyone involved in the process achieving the end goal together.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to experience and be a small part of some great successes (including World Championships) but I couldn’t single out a particular favourite. Sometimes the biggest achievements aren’t always the obvious ones.”

Using his broad music taste as a way to take his focus off of work, Steve still very occasionally DJs and provides soundtracks for fashion shows. Otherwise, he recently took up the sport of golf again and spends his time honing his skills.