Stavanger, Norway
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Ronde van Vlaanderen
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Everywhere you wouldn't normally travel with a bike

After spending two years with the team, Susanne has settled in well and learned a lot, gaining confidence and motivation from doing a good job for others, particularly in the lead outs. Susanne also revels in the opportunity when she gets her own chance to lead, always wanting to impress.

Competitive at heart, Susanne played football at a young age but soon found out that the rest of her nine-year-old teammates did not share the same desire to win as her.

“I’m just a winner; when I was playing football and other sports I really hated to lose. I was really competitive with everything, even if I was just playing board games with my family, but I’ve now managed to grow out of that and can relax a bit more outside of cycling.”

Susanne soon got into the sport of cycling after borrowing a bike from a local club. Once she got on two wheels she was hooked, and her passion grew from there. Attributing her love of the sport and success so far to her dad, Susanne is thankful for him dragging her out on the bike to get out training.

“I used to sit in his wheel and now it’s funny the tables have turned, and he sits in my wheel when we go out.”

Riding the Olympics one day is a big aim and dream for Susanne. While she also wants to keep improving and getting better to not only go for her own results but to also help the team as best as possible, especially in her favourite races, the classics.

More importantly, she just wants to keep enjoying the sport and continue to ride with a smile on her face.