Deil, Netherlands
Playstation, Studying (history)
Favourite food
Favourite TV show
Watch Youtube
Favourite race
Baby Giro and Giro
Favourite holiday destination
Canada, Sweden, Norway

New to the team in the middle of 2020, Thymen made the step up from U23 level to the WorldTour after promising displays that included second on GC at the Tour de l’Avenir and third at Paris-Roubaix in 2018.

“It feels like a natural progression to join the team and I’m both excited and nervous, in a good way, to get my first full season started. The level in the bunch is higher, with guys riding faster so it will take some time for me to adapt but I’m still young and improving every year.”

Thymen sees himself as a time trialist come GC rider, with his physical characteristics suiting those disciplines but the youngster wants to also learn as much as possible about race craft and is keen to hone his skills in the classics.


Thymen Arensman | Team DSM | January Team Camp
Thymen Arensman | Team DSM | January Team Camp
Thymen Arensman | Team DSM | January Team Camp
Thymen Arensman | Team DSM | January Team Camp

Cycling is something that is in Thymen’s blood, with several generations of his family into the sport and it is how his parents met each other. He did try football when he was younger but Thymen admits that he initially did not like the team aspect, although that is something that he has now grown to love about cycling, and has only had eyes for all things two-wheeled since.

A driven individual, Thymen loves to see improvements in either his data or on the results sheet, whether that be personal or team success.

“I like to improve myself on and off the bike, seeing myself get better and stronger, that motivates me. To then be able to raise my arms or be a part of a team win because of those improvements is a great feeling. I want to learn as much as I can from the team and keep making steps to  be the best possible version of myself.”

When he’s not cycling, Thymen keeps his mind occupied by studying for his Bachelor’s in History at Utrecht University. If not, you can find him chilling with family and friends, or going out somewhere with his girlfriend who is also a cyclist.


1 Tour of the Alps Youth classification
2 Giro d'Italia Stage 16
2 Giro d'Italia Stage 21 (ITT)
2 Tirreno-Adriatico Youth classification
3 Tour of the Alps
4 Giro d'Italia Youth classification
5 UAE Tour Youth classification
5 Giro d'Italia Stage 20
6 Tirreno-Adriatico
6 Tirreno-Adriatico Stage 1 (ITT)
1 Tour de Romandie Youth classification
2 Giro di Sicilia Tour of Sicily
3 La Vuelta ciclista a España Stage 21 (ITT)
6 Vuelta a Burgos Youth classification
7 Giro di Sicilia Tour of Sicily
9 Giro di Sicilia Tour of Sicily
10 Tour de Romandie Stage 4
11 Tour de Romandie
14 National Championships Netherlands ITT
14 UAE Tour Youth classification
3 La Vuelta ciclista a España Stage 5
3 Tour de l'Ain Youth classification
6 La Vuelta ciclista a España Stage 14
8 Okolo Slovenska / Tour de Slovaquie Stage 1b (ITT)
12 Okolo Slovenska / Tour de Slovaquie Youth classification
12 La Vuelta ciclista a España Youth classification
13 La Vuelta ciclista a España Stage 7
15 La Vuelta ciclista a España Stage 13 (ITT)
22 La Vuelta ciclista a España Stage 17
26 Tour de l'Ain Stage 3
6 Tour de l'Avenir Stage 2 (TTT)
6 Giro Ciclistico d'Italia Stage 6
7 Ronde de l'Isard Youth classification
8 Giro Ciclistico d'Italia Mountains classification
11 Tour Alsace Youth classification
11 National Championships Netherlands U23 ITT
12 Tour Alsace Prologue
13 Circuit des Ardennes International Youth classification
14 Giro Ciclistico d'Italia Youth classification
14 Tour Alsace Stage 3
2 Tour de l'Avenir
3 Paris-Roubaix Espoirs
3 Tour de l'Avenir Stage 3
4 Tour de l'Avenir Stage 4 (TTT)
8 Tour de l'Avenir Stage 10
8 Tour de l'Avenir Stage 7
12 Olympia's Tour Stage 5b (ITT)
13 Tour de l'Avenir Mountains classification
14 Tour de l'Avenir Stage 8
14 Tour de l'Avenir Stage 9
1 OberÖsterreich Juniorenrundfahrt Stage 3
2 OberÖsterreich Juniorenrundfahrt
2 National Championships Netherlands MJ ITT
2 OberÖsterreich Juniorenrundfahrt Mountains classification
2 OberÖsterreich Juniorenrundfahrt Points classification
3 Internationale Niedersachsen-Rundfahrt der Junioren
3 OberÖsterreich Juniorenrundfahrt Stage 1
4 Internationale Niedersachsen-Rundfahrt der Junioren Stage 2a (ITT)
5 OberÖsterreich Juniorenrundfahrt Stage 2
6 Trofeo Karlsberg Stage 3b (ITT)