Genemuiden, Netherlands
Friends, Watching series and boat trips.
Favourite food
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Favourite holiday destination
Costa Brava
Favourite race

After making his debut with the team in 2019, Tim adapted quickly to the increased intensity at the different races he did, where he started to “feel stronger” after some tough racing.

Tim thoroughly likes the team aspect of the sport and is dedicated to working for others if that is his role, enjoying that the team rides for one common goal.

“It’s really nice to start races with a goal and know what you have to do. You’re then motivated to do your job in the best way possible. Even if you don’t have the best day on the bike, you still have that job to do and to get a good result with the team feels really special.”

During races Tim has shown himself as a pugnacious rider who is always willing to go on the attack for the team or work hard on the front of the bunch, something that is highlighted with one of the reasons he loves the sport.

“It’s a bit strange but I really enjoy hurting myself during races and knowing that you have given it your all when you step off the bike at the end of the day. I especially found that this year with the team when we were all working together; it feels good.”

Tim hopes to continue to improve as a rider and be there more in the finales; whether that be from the breakaway or at the finish in his favoured tougher one-day classics.

When he’s not on the bike Tim’s social and helpful nature shines through, as he likes to both socialise with friends but also help out at the family home or in the garden.