Oslo, Norway
Cooking, photography
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Breaking Bad
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Amstel Gold Race

New to the team for 2020, Vegard was excited to make the step up from juniors to U23 with Development Team DSM.

“I chose the team because I think the race program is great and I like the way the team works and how professional they are. Also, I think it is a great place to develop as a rider and as a person.”

A rider that classes himself as somewhere in between a puncheur and a climber, Vegard impressed throughout the season in 2019 which culminated with a strong sixth place at the World Championships in Yorkshire.

Obsessed with sports from a young age, Vegard tried his hand at 24 hour Ultra running but his first love was cross country skiing. He did that as his main sport until around the age of 14, cycling just for fun once or twice a week. However, he started to dislike his summer training for skiing and found himself on the bike more and more, eventually switching to cycling full time as an U17 rider.

“I think it’s important to find fun in what you’re doing as you won’t give it your all when training. I still do cross country skiing in the winter to help with my cycling and I still really enjoy the sport.”

Despite impressing in 2019, Vegard believes he could have performed even better after some health issues in the previous winter saw him take a break from sport and miss a lot of training, but that only fuelled his love for cycling.

“I think from a mental aspect it was a “how do I do this”, “should I just stop” but then I found out how much cycling means to me, and I realised that I don’t want to do anything else.”

Motivated by seeing good results and setting new personal records, Vegard hopes to continue his development as a rider with the team as he makes continues to make the transition to U23 level in 2021; taking on longer race distances and stronger opponents.

Off the bike you can find the young Norwegian relaxing watching Netflix or Youtube, or find him in the kitchen honing his cooking skills and learning new recipes.