Gothenburg, Sweden
Cooking, hangout with family and friends
Favourite Food
Favourite TV show
Prison Break
Favourite holiday destination
Favourite race
Ronde van Vlaanderen

In 2019 Wilma took numerous top tens and podium places, with the highlight of her season being winning both the road race and time trial at the Swedish national championships, alongside the overall title at the Watersley Ladies Challenge. A new recruit to the team in 2020, Wilma made the step up from the junior ranks to the elite women’s peloton.

“I chose the team because of the unique way they develop young riders and make them more well-rounded; everyone on the team gets better each year. It’s a huge step up from juniors to the elite women’s peloton and I want to learn as much as possible, and the team is the perfect place for me to do that”

Wilma got her start in the sport after going to a camp ran by her local club, focusing on mountain biking for the first few years. With her dad a road racer, it wasn’t long before he got her to try out a road bike too. Wilma thought that road racing was “really cool” and at the age of 15 started to fixate her attention onto that instead of the mountain bike. As a youngster Wilma did a lot running, both on the track and trails, but it was too hard to do both that and cycling and soon it was her love for two wheels that took over.

Motivated by seeing the elite bunch on television, Wilma also likes to analyse her own power data after training rides or looking back at her races and seeing where she could have done better. However, the young Swede learning what type of rider she is.

“When you’re a junior most of the races are pretty flat so it is still hard to say what type of rider I really am. I like taking part in time trials, but I would say that I like going uphill even more. As a women’s junior though you don’t get much chance to try that so it is still something I’m figuring it out and will see what happens in the future – I’m really looking forward to exploring all areas.”

Unfortunately like most of the Women’s peloton, Wilma’s 2020 season was cut short but she still managed to pick up good results and ride strongly for the team, with two top ten finishes in the European Championships being her season highlight.

Away from cycling, Wilma enjoys hanging out with friends from school; socialising and doing “normal stuff” with them. She finishes her studies in the summer but doesn’t plan on doing any more in the near future as it is “not so fun to study”. Instead she wants to focus 100 percent on cycling.