Breukelen, Netherlands
Position in the team
Mindset Expert
PhD Sports Psychology
Reading, barbecuing, coffee
Favourite food
Beercan chicken
Favourite TV show
Favourite race
Strade Bianche
Favourite holiday destination

A former elite speed skater in his youth, Yannick cycled during the spring and summer to prepare for the winter season, and has since kept his hobby on two wheels up. Yannick has a background in sports psychology where he achieved numerous degrees and climbed the education ladder, culminating in him completing his PhD in Sports Psychology in 2018. Since then he has started his own business and worked at the University of Amsterdam, further highlighting his passion for his field

“I am very proud to be able to set up a Mindset program that provides structural guidance for athletes and coaches and I believe this reflects the team’s “Keep Challenging” ideal.”

Joining the team in the role of Mindset Expert, Yannick is looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead and working with a group of people that continuously strive for excellence.

Taking the team’s ethos of “Keep Challenging”, Yannick is always open to new ideas and innovative approaches related to mindset – hoping to better the team’s riders and coaches.

“In the end, seeing that I can contribute, albeit perhaps one percent, to the personal development of athletes and their goal is something that really motivates me.”

Looking ahead, Yannick alongside the team wants the concept of mindset to become an integral part of of a rider’s development, with a focus on their self-awareness, psychological flexibility and mental toughness. Furthermore, he wants to help the coaches and staff realise the potential of all the current tools they have to assist the riders, and themselves, with their mindset.