Team DSM and Volvo extend their partnership

Partner updates

 Team DSM and Volvo Car Netherlands are delighted to reconfirm their partnership, with the globally recognised brand providing the team with premium cars.

Commercial Operations Director Volvo Car Netherlands Frits Giesbers said: “We are very satisfied with our cooperation with Team DSM and that we continue contributing to the team’s safety and success in the peloton with our latest technology. We got to learn Team DSM and their team members both on and off the bike as a collective of committed and driven people. Together they operate their advanced “Keep Challenging” model with beautiful human values at the centre; committing to one other, really sharing responsibilities, empowering fellow team members to take responsibility, honesty and encouraging each other. It’s that culture we can identify ourselves with and which is inspiring.”

Team DSM will drive the stylish and safe Volvo V60 Cross Country model. The combination of its higher ground clearance and all-wheel drive, makes it the perfect fit for both action and comfort during bike races. The cars come equipped with mild-hybrid technology. This means electric power supports the engine, reducing the impact on the environment, which is a key objective of the team. The cars will support all three programs that the team operate: Men, Women and Development.

Head of Business Strategy Team DSM Jan Wermink said: “We are proud and excited with our Volvo partnership. Volvo cars are undisputedly a perfect match for our demanding and versatile mobility business. With their continual addition and innovation of safety technology in their cars, and the steps they are making in their electrification strategy, they perfectly connect our vision for sustainability and safety as a team. Our collaboration with Volvo, their agility and quality are impressive; they set the standard both for safe and innovative cars as well as a dedicated organisation of people who are great partners. We are all looking forward to continuing to work together.“