Team DSM and Nalini accelerate development of protective athletic race wear with strategic partnership

Partnership Annoucements

Multiple new performance fabrics including protective Dyneema®, gradually integrated across aero, summer & winter race wear.

Working closely together, the new and exciting collaboration will see Team DSM and Nalini further intensify the development of the high-performance race wear concept in 2022, that was initiated one year ago by Team DSM’s Science group; involving the work of their in-house R&D, Aerodynamics and Textile Technologies Engineer specialists. This new strategic partnership accelerates the progression of the race wear concept, taking a no compromise approach to develop the fastest and best performing race wear for their winter, summer, and aero clothing.

Last year, Team DSM stepped away from traditional commercial partnerships with their race wear. This marked the start of a journey to develop athletic race wear to contribute to the best on-bike performances, and to integrate innovations which previously seemed unfeasible. As a result, the team has been able to produce purpose-made, performance-driven products that specifically meet and suit the needs of the very best professional riders and the most demanding circumstances, focusing not only performance but also safety.

2021 saw newly developed fabrics, with DSM’s Arnitel® integrated in the team’s rain clothing, facilitating better breathability when racing at a high intensity. Last year also saw Dyneema®, which is fifteen times stronger than steel (at the same weight ratio), incorporated into various race shorts, jerseys and even into the aero sleeves. This protective fibre protects riders in the event of a crash, thus increasing their performance capacity as a result of spending less energy on wound recovery.

Next year will see more newly developed fabrics gradually integrated with protective materials in Team DSM’s new winter, summer, and aero race wear, while not compromising on performance and aerodynamics; with Nalini’s state-of-the-art MOA Lab the new home to the project. With Nalini now stepping into this project, a brand with vast heritage and the highest quality standards, this high-performance race wear concept makes an even bigger acceleration towards race wear of the future.

This intensive development of high-performance race wear with various integrated protective fabrics is another big step towards improved rider safety and protection. Team DSM, their title partner Royal DSM and Nalini hope that their continued focus on protective race wear will inspire not only other teams but also industry leaders too, and that protective race wear will become more prevalent and a necessity in the future with UCI regulations.

The Team DSM replica kit is set to be sold in Nalini stores worldwide and online.

About Nalini:
The history of Nalini is one of life and cycling combined, built on the passion of founding brothers Vincenzo and Claudio Mantovani. From their small craft workshop that was set-up in the early 1960’s, the company quickly developed with state-of-the-art facilities in their MOA factory, combining the latest technologies but keeping that authentic, human touch and their excellent eye for details at the heart of the company: something that Team DSM truly identifies with and believes in. The MOA facilities have produced race wear for several champions and multiple teams over the decades, with Nalini being their very own premium brand with an unprecedented reputation in the world’s finest race clothing.