Team DSM announces new partnership with Sena

Partner Announcements

Team DSM are proud to announce their partnership from the 2022 season onwards with Sena Technologies, Inc. a leading company in Mesh & Bluetooth communication solutions for power sports and outdoor sports.

Sena began developing communication systems for motorcycling in 2010, and since then has continued to offer innovative technological solutions to motorcycle enthusiasts, establishing itself as a leading player in the sector. The transition from motorcycling to bicycle communication came naturally, and Sena immediately made its mark on the cycling scene, with innovative smart helmets and universal cycling communication devices backed by a solid technical background built up over the years.

Through their partnership with Team DSM, Sena places itself side by side with the most important cycling brands and proposes itself as a strong and reliable partner for the millions of fans of this sport.

Sena Technologies Inc. CEO, Tae Kim, said: “We are sincerely excited to announce this partnership, associating with Team DSM is an important step in the world of cycling. Team DSM’s quest for innovation aimed at improving sporting performance is a perfect match for Sena’s technological vocation.”

Team DSM partnership manager, Bas Bode, continued: “We are very pleased with our partnership with Sena. Communication between riders, and between riders and coaches, is essential to work together optimally during races. We often ride under challenging circumstances where our communication systems are tested to the limit. Sena’s experience and technological lead will help us to optimise our on-bike communication. Our experts are very much looking forward to working with Sena’s specialists to develop innovative on-bike communication solutions.”